Repointing and Tuckpointing Sydney: Surface and Deep Restoration of Brickwork

by superadmin on March 21, 2017 in Blog

Repointing and tuckpointing can bring new life to your old and lovely home. Aside from making your home look brand new again, those two processes can work together to make your home stronger.

What’s the difference? Brick repointing is about removing the old mortar and replacing it with new. On the other hand, tuckpointing is adding the finishing touches for aesthetic purposes.

The processes are straightforward and seem easy. However, these require a certain level of proficiency and expertise to ensure the integrity of any brick structure.

Why do you need repointing services?

As mentioned earlier, brick repointing is the replacement of old mortar. The result is a stronger structure. The vulnerabilities are eliminated and the new mortar adds more decades of life to your home.

When do you need expert repointing services? If you see crumbling or fretting mortar on your walls, that’s the sign to act quickly. Simple visual inspection can quickly reveal the problems to you.

The crumble and fretting mortar on your walls can be a sign of a bigger problem. Maybe the underlying structures are already compromised. It could also be that the elements and weather has finally done a lot of damage to the brickwork.

Repointing can fix those damages and make your walls stronger. Also, when experts look at the brickwork, they can determine the root of the problem (and fix it immediately).

Why do you need tuckpointing services?

As you recall, tuckpointing is for aesthetic purposes. This is done after the brick joint repairs or mortar replacements. In tuckpointing, the brickwork lines are enhanced with black or white tuckpoint.

The result is a more beautiful finished structure. The brickwork will look neat and new. In fact, tuckpointing can add value to a Sydney home because of that new and neat look.

Aside from the aesthetics, tuckpointing also serves as an added layer of protection to the mortar and brick joints. This can somehow help in extending the life of the brickwork and the whole structure.

Repointing and tuckpointing Sydney

Tuckpointing and brick repointing can make your structure stronger and more pleasing to the eye. They can also help preserve the historical character of your home.

That’s why at Repoint Masonry Restoration, we provide top notch services to preserve the integrity of your home. Contact us today and our brick and mortar specialists will make your Sydney home look as good as new.