Repairing Brickwork: How to Make It Look Brand New

by superadmin on May 15, 2017 in Blog

Repairing brickwork can give a fresh look to a home or other structure. It’s a quick way to give a new life to a structure without spending much. Also, it’s a recommended way to make the structure stronger and last for the decades to come.

However, there are a few things you need to consider before you request for a professional service. Here they are:

1. Consider both aesthetics and integrity

Old homes and buildings need to have a fresh look after decades. That’s why many property owners ask to repair their brickwork.

This is a good objective. The external appearance actually says a lot about the credibility and integrity of a structure. If the brickwork is failing and there are visible cracks, the structure is questionable.

Brick repair, tuckpointing and repointing will work together in improving the aesthetics of your structure while making it stronger. Both the impression and the strength of your home will be rebuilt as a result.

2. Internal repairs and replacements might be needed

Weather elements and salt crystals are common causes of brickwork damage. Another common cause is the deterioration of the internal and supporting structures.

For instance, faulty lintels and arch bar damages can compromise the strength of the structure. These are critical support systems that if they fail, there will be a resulting collapse or cracks on your brickwork.

Arch bar and lintel replacements might be needed for those cases. This way, the brickwork won’t be tolerating more than enough strain and tension from failing supporting structures.

3. Restoration or improvement?

Do you aim for something similar to heritage restoration? Or, do you want a new look for your home or building?

You might consider those things while someone is repairing your brickwork. This happens especially when there’s a major repair or replacement going on.

Professional brickwork contractors can do both. They can make the original features stay intact (just repairing the damages). Or, they can also perform improvements to improve both the aesthetics and integrity of a brick structure.

Repairing brickwork Sydney

Brickwork repair can include working on the bricks, mortar, arch bars and lintels. It can also include adding a sealant or a white or black tuckpoint to improve the appearance of the structure. These will also serve as an added layer of protection to the bricks and mortar.

At Repoint Masonry Restoration, we do all those things for Sydney homes and buildings. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation consultation.