Brickwork around windows, doors and openings are supported by arch bars and lintels which are generally made from steel or concrete. Over time, these supports may need replacing if they have deteriorated or rusted away.

How can you tell? You might notice brickwork above your window or door lifting due to lintel expansion. A rusting lintel will expand to around seven times its original thickness, and so will create a tell-tale bulge or crack.

If left unattended, faulty lintels and arch bar damage may result in deeper structural cracks, brick work breaking or bulging, and water penetration. This will lead to a weakened structure.

Leaving a lintel bar or arch bars replacement to the last minute could spell disaster, so call Repoint at the first signs of any deterioration. If the lintel is above a door and large cracks suddenly appear, keep the door closed until seen by one of our professionals (it will provide some support should further collapse occur).

Replacing lintels and arch bars can become very expensive, and that is why you need the most professional service at the best price. Our experience and workmanship is second-to-none and you have complete peace of mind that all work adheres to the best professional standards.

Whether you need brick arches, steel bars or angles, prefabricated and reinforced concrete, we promise to give you stronger, reinforced structure that will last for many years to come.

We recommend replacing your corroded arch bars and lintels with hot-dipped galvanised or  stainless-steel bars and lintels to protect against further damage due to corrosion, and to ensure a stronger support.

This takes away the worry of corroded lintels and cracked brickwork due to the generous galvanised layer that protects the lintel against further corrosion in the future.

Call us today for a no-obligation inspection of your existing arch bar or lintel. Our friendly staff will be happy to provide the best advice on how to remedy your situation.

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