Repairing a Brick Wall: 3 Questions Many Homeowners Ask

by superadmin on April 21, 2017 in Blog

When it comes to repairing a brick wall, many Sydney homeowners consider a few things before hiring professionals to do the job. After all, individuals value their homes greatly (especially those who want their old homes to last for decades).

If you see signs of damaged or crumbling brick wall, here are the 3 questions you should ask. We’ll also discuss the answers so you’ll know the best thing to do.

1. Does my brick wall really need repair?

Brickwork can take its toll through the years. No matter how strong the structure, the elements will seep through and react with the mortar and bricks.

It’s true especially in Sydney where the weather and climate has a unique effect on the brickwork. Salt crystals and moisture can contribute to the fretting mortar.

You can easily see the signs by looking at the brickwork and cement joints. If you notice a powdery, crumbling mortar or any sign of damage, that’s the time for brick wall repair.

2. What could be the replacements needed?

There are some cases when the damages are beyond the surface. The damages can be visible when you see clear cracks. However, a simple brick wall repair might not suffice to fix the problem.

The problem might be coming from the compromised support. The brickwork around windows and doors are supported by arch bars and lintels. They might be compromised by rusting or deterioration of the concrete or steel support.

This is where arch bars and lintel bar replacements can help. This will make the support stronger and prevent further damage of the surrounding brickwork.

3. What’s the end result of repointing and tuckpointing?

Repointing and tuckpointing are two different things. They may complement each other and make the whole brick structure stronger.

Repointing is about filling in and repairing the joints. On the other hand, tuckpointing is about the refinishing of the joints (for aesthetics and additional protection to the mortar). These work together to make the external brickwork stronger and more visually appealing.

Repairing a brick wall Sydney

Mortar and brick repair goes beyond fixing the damages. It’s also about preventing future problems and costly replacements. In addition, it’s also about giving a fresh look to the brick wall.

That’s why at Repoint Masonry Restoration, our goal is to make the brickwork stronger and last for many years. We’ve already performed repointing, brick repair and tuckpointing for many Sydney homes and buildings.

Contact us today and we’ll make your brick wall stronger and more beautiful.