What Leads to Brick Damage? Can It Be Prevented?

by superadmin on January 14, 2017 in Blog

Looking at a brick wall or foundation and noticing cracks can elicit a number of different responses. While some may see these imperfections as nothing more than an age mark, others may view them as a potentially hazardous issue that needs quick resolution. While brick repair can help restore a structure’s stability,

If a person hasn’t experienced damage to their brick structure yet, they most likely want to keep things that way. But can damage to brick surfaces and structures be prevented completely? And what leads to these issues occurring in the first place? Understanding more about brick structures can help a person keep them in good condition.

Are Brick Structures Prone to Damage?

No material is completely impervious to damage, and this includes brick. While brick is a strong and robust material, there are certain things which can wear it down over time. This can include things like exposure to chemical agents which are used to clean surfaces, as well as blunt force from accidents.

Certain other issues can put a brick structure at risk of damage, and these issues are not as easy to avoid. Constant exposure to the elements and even excessive moisture can cause brick surfaces to crack and crumble. But while these structures are prone to damage, many wonder how to mitigate this damage and treat it in the easiest manner possible.

Preventing Severe Brick Damage with Pointing

The act of pointing, or putting mortar between bricks, can be great for repairing damaged spots and helping to provide even distribution of weight throughout an entire brick structure. While there are different types of pointing, professional brick repair companies can determine the best course of action to take for a damaged structure.

While it is difficult to prevent cracks and breaks from forming in brick surfaces, getting them treated quickly can stop the damage from becoming more severe. Giving immediate attention to cracks allows professionals to correct the issue and restore stability to a structure.

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