Why Do Some Buildings Need Wall Ties Replacement?

by superadmin on January 28, 2016 in Blog

A lot goes into making a safe, sturdy, and secure structure. Most people who live in buildings that look fine never stop to think that there may be issues which they can’t see. But certain problems with a building can put its structural integrity at risk and pose a safety concern to those who inhabit it at any given time.

Parts like wall ties play a big role in keeping a building stable. But these parts are not immune to wear and tear. In fact, some wall ties are wearing down quicker than expected. Understanding what these important parts do, why they wear down, and how to get them repaired can be valuable to anyone who thinks they may be experiencing a problem with wall ties replacement.

What Are Wall Ties? Are They Susceptible to Damage?

Wall ties are metal pieces that connect outer and inner brick walls. These components are laid across brick and mortar during the construction of a building and are usually made from galvanised steel. Designed to provide support and stability, wall ties serve a very important function in the construction of a building.

But while wall ties are robust in their construction, they are not immune to damage. While they can handle the weight put on them by brick walls, exposure to the elements can sometimes cause them to corrode over time. Once this has happened, the ties may not be able to perform their intended function. Since more people are experiencing this issue, professional wall ties replacement is now in higher demand.

How Wall Ties Replacement and Repair Works

Wall ties replacement and repair involves utilising the Helifix helical wall ties system. This allows specialists to drill into the wall ties and provide the type of security people look for in a building. By utilising quality wall ties replacement, anyone can return stability to a building that has been damaged. Wall ties are not impervious to damage, and when they do experience problems it can be devastating to a structure.

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